John Hagan

Digital Marketer.

eCommerce Expert.

Traveling Fanatic.

Creative Writer.


Companies I've worked with

“The entire experience was fantastic and John's work ethic showed from the very first consultation. John's ability to think outside the box and provide real-time solutions to problems that arise is exceptional.”

Thomas Patterson, Founder

“I had first hand experience watching him problem solve, scale million dollar Facebook campaigns and articulate bis learning and processes to clients and fellow co-workers. Trusting John’s ability to “figure it out” is something I found myself referring to after a few months working with him.”

Nick Shackelford, Founder

“To be honest, John has been more than a facebook consultant for me. Not only has he helped me to grow our Facebook ad account to six figures of revenue but he has also been a helping hand in so many different situations. His experience and thoughtful advice is something that makes him really rare and something that brought a huge uplift to our company!”

Josh Rauer, Digital Strategist


John Hagan

John Hagan has worked with some of the biggest companies in the eCommerce industry. With over $40M of international advertising revenue generated, he is constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital marketing community. John Hagan prides himself in a diverse skillset and a wholistic approach to eCommerce. After starting a successful agency in Los Angeles, John Hagan switched his focus to in house marketing and joined the team Purelei where he is currently the Director of Growth. Purelei is an 8-figure Direct to Consumer Women’s Accessories and Jewelry company based in Germany with over 100 employees.

I have been able to execute scales with some of the largest international brands in the eCommerce world.